Greetings to all.



I am Zena Krishnoo, and I started this blog in the fall of 2017, at the age of sixteen. Could’ve started earlier, but I accidentally deleted the site and my account, and got tired and stressed so much so that I temporarily shut it down. Well, who does not get exhausted and impatient in high school.

Let me put myself in brief, for your convenience.

I developed the passion, enthusiasm and delight of writing and doing some random photography at any moment, back in seventh grade. And since then, I’ve been keen, and to be honest, very desperate for people to know about me and my work. I’ll put it very frankly, I wanted to be recognized.

So, here I am! I composes poems, write prose, communicate my experiences posting photos I take, etc., to the world. I find peace in words. Also, I love to travel, discover and capture.

A young girl with huge dreams and never ending bucket list!

I absolutely love to hear from people, their views and reviews, thoughts, perspectives and feedback. So do not hesitate to connect with me. 🙂


In this huge world of imagination, innovation and individuality, here, you’re welcome to my small world of original poetry, photography and ideas.

New content every Saturday! Stay updated.

Hope you enjoy your stay!