things i’m starting to learn.

i’m starting to learn that not everything in life has to balance out; not everything is meant to be even. you don’t always have to force yourself to win just because you lost once. sometimes all you need to do is turn losses into lessons.

yes, you need to understand why something happened. there will be reasons and logic, but not with everything. it is life. yes, it is science but it doesn’t come with formulae and definitions. not every happening will have a technicality in this beautiful yet vastly unexpected universe. be curious, but stop spending time finding justifications for every moment you live. it’ll be all over while you do that, before you know it. move forward, yet don’t be ignorant of the past. have your guard up in the future, but live in the present moment as your life you craft.

you do not have to overwork tomorrow because you didn’t do much today. take things as they happen, in a flow. give yourself some space and break, you deserve it. your mind, body, and spirit need it.

i’m starting to learn that reaction is not always the best option. at times, you are better off when you do not respond and just let things be. retaliating drains your energy, makes you feel tired and unmotivated to move forward. the best way to move forward is to let things of least importance and sinister influence in the past, for you to create a space for a path that shall lead you to a happier and fulfilled life. but mind you, not reacting does not imply that it doesn’t affect us. all it does is help us move beyond what’s holding us back, save ourselves from the vicious cycle of never ending negative recoil.

better than reaction, what we need is reflection. reflecting on our thoughts, actions and character. focusing more on our inner selves over what we see in the mirror. understanding our own being, potential and purpose for becoming who we are and who we want to be.

i need to satisfy my soul before i do the same to others. first, i need to establish a certain level of content for myself before i pour it out to others. because if my glass is empty, how can i be expected to fill someone else’s; all that will come out of it is utter drought on my own land, with no value being added to the other person’s as well. what fruits will a plant reap if it itself hasn’t had any water to quench its thirst, let alone enough water.

i’m starting to learn that the more discrete you are, the better things work out to be. have your circle informed, not a group. there is a difference between a group and a circle. your circle inspires you, whereas your group keeps you busy and entertains you. choose your circle. it helps you grow, and grows with you. grows not in number but as individual persons. you find immense fulfillment in sharing your defeats as much as you do when you celebrate your victories. your circle doesn’t create unnecessary worry and drama in your life. you understand each other, and know the wrongs and the rights.


i’m starting to learn that embrace what you feel. if you’re ever happy, do you ignore the moment and divert your attention onto something else? no. so why do you do so when you are unhappy, or anything similar. take your time to embrace it, address it, and identify it. acknowledge its presence and deal with it. once you’re naturally over feeling it, that is when you’re entirely done with it.

i’m starting to learn that not everything in life has to be taken too seriously. somethings just need to be taken as they come and bid adieu as they go. not everything will be known and determined. moreover, the more unforeseen certain circumstances are, the better it is. do not expect something out of everything; just do your deed and let the rest be in the hands of the universe.

i’m starting to learn that be there for people but do not let them walk all over you. it is not your job to fix anyone. help them, support them, comfort them. but do not damage yourself while you do good to them. for how can you be genuinely kind to someone if you aren’t kind to our own soul. harm no one, not even your own spirit.

i’m starting to learn that learning is never-ending. everyday, everyone, every moment teaches you something. and you learn it without even knowing that you’re learning it. and that is the beauty of life: you don’t know, but something is always happening.

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